Meet the team

Here at Fiona´s Diggidy Daycare we love all dogs, from big to small, oldies to pups, rescue mutts to pedigrees…basically you name it! We love ´em all!
We know that every pooch has their own personality, so we make sure that we get to know them and give them the all the care and attention they need. The amazing Diggidy team are all passionate about making each day at daycare fun, homely and personal for every single dog, so whether it means extra cuddles for some, special diet treats for others or just knowing who likes listening to Classic FM (pretty much all of them), then we´ve got it covered!Fi and Stevie
I am so happy to have such a pawsome team of ladies to help at Fiona´s Diggidy Daycare!
Michaela and Fibi
Hi I´m Michaela! I´m one of the drivers so you might meet me picking up your dog and dropping them home again after a day of fun.
Georgie and Pickle
I´m Georgie and I help to walk the dogs, making sure they get a great run around and burn off all their energy so they are returned to you happy and tired.
Annabel and Noodle
Hello, I´m Annabel (and my bestie, Noodle)! I walk the dogs and help with feeding and training at the daycare centre.