We´ll collect your pooch in the morning and return them in the evening, happy and tired after a day of fun packed activities.

There is no fixed contract so I can be flexible to fit around your needs – whether you work shifts, part time or if your plans change last minute.

Day care is for 8 hours, available between 8:30am and 5.30pm.

A full day of fun costs £30. Depending on your location, we can pick up in the morning and drop off in the evening for an additional fee of £5.


Walks can be in a group or individual, depending on your dog. I will only walk off lead with your permission once I´m confident of their recall. Please contact me to discuss your pet´s needs; whether it is a couple of hours walkie during the day, or simply a drop in visit.

An hours walk costs £15 per dog.


I am on hand for little pups who might need teaching some manners. I cover house training, lead walking, jumping up, chewing and most importantly being at Diggidy Daycare will help socialise your pup so they get used to other dogs and people.

One to one training costs £50 per hour.

I can put you in touch with a tailored grooming service including bathing, clipping, trimming, claw and paw care so your pet is returned to you squeaky clean and smart.

PUPPY SOCIALISING: Getting exposure to other dogs from a young age is so important. Bring your puppy to socialise at Fiona’s Diggidy Daycare FREE of charge.

Don´t have time to take your dog for his check up? Never fear, I can make sure they never miss an appointment.

If you buy your dog food in bulk I can either take delivery of it and drop it at your house, or I can manage the purchasing every time you´re running low.