DAYCARE: We can collect your pooch in the morning and return them in the evening, happy and tired after a day of fun packed activities.

We require a minimum booking of one day per week but you can book extra ad hoc days via our online portal. Ad hoc days are subject to availability.
Depending on your location, we can pick up in the morning and drop off in the evening for an additional fee. Generally speaking, pick ups are between 8.30am and 9.30am and drop offs between 4.30pm and 5.30pm. You are welcome to bring your dog to us and collect, any time between the hours of 9am and 4pm. We’re based in Loughborough Junction, SE5.
Walks can be in a group or individual, depending on your dog. We will only walk off lead with your permission once we’re confident of their recall.
Going away? We board dogs at our homes for various time periods. Please enquire for availability. *please note, we only board dogs who we know from daycare and public holidays such as Christmas Day/Bank Holidays etc, are charged double rate.
We are on hand for little pups who might need teaching some manners. We cover house training, lead walking, jumping up, chewing and most importantly being at Diggidy Daycare will help socialise your pup so they get used to other dogs and people.
One to one training costs £60 per hour at daycare and £70 at your home.
We have a grooming service offering Bath and blow dry, and Nail clipping so your pet is returned to you squeaky clean and smart.nails

If you buy your dog food in bulk we can either take delivery of it and drop it at your house, or we can manage the purchasing every time you are running low.

We recommend getting your dog neutered as it eliminates the possibility of testicular/mammary cancers and prostate conditions, it also has many behavioural benefits. Dog neutering is a simple operation – the age at which a dog should be neutered differs depending on breed type. It is advisable to contact your vet to discuss neutering as soon as possible.